Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics and makeup brushes displayed on a tableWelcome to Rock Chemicals, Inc., your trusted partner in providing high-quality bulk chemicals for the personal care and beauty industry. As a leading supplier and distributor, we understand the unique needs of businesses in this dynamic sector. With our extensive range of premium chemicals and exceptional customer service, we are committed to helping you create innovative, safe, and effective formulations for your products. Whether you are a small-scale manufacturer or a large-scale brand, we offer a comprehensive selection of ingredients, sourced from reputable manufacturers worldwide. From surfactants and emollients to preservatives and fragrances, our diverse portfolio ensures that you have access to the finest ingredients needed to develop exceptional personal care and cosmetic products.

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Popular Product Categories Offered for this Industry:

Astringents, Solvents, Sanitizers, Conditioning Agents, Emollients, Emulsifiers, Pearling Agents, Surfactants, Solubilizers, Fatty Acids, Humectants, Mild Surfactants, Moisturizers, Skin Repair Products, pH Balance Products, Oils, Waxes, Preservatives, Silicone Fluids, Gums, Specialties, Gels, Foam Boosters, Viscosity Builders, Thickening Agents, Binding Agents, Scrub Exfoliants

Available in semi-bulk to bulk packaging (drums, totes, tankers, railcars) and are delivered via LTL or bulk carriers.