Glass and Mirror Industry

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Full-Service Supplier

Rock Chemicals, Inc. provides the quality raw ingredients and chemicals needed for manufacturing the glass products used in windows, bottles, drink and cookware, transfer piping, receptacles for highly corrosive liquids, optical glasses, lenses, windows for nuclear applications, mirrors and more. We serve the architecture, laboratory, electronic, industrial, medical, paper, chemical, oil and gas industries both domestically and internationally and our streamlined ordering process lets you buy all the chemicals you need, from one place, at a competitive price.

Large Inventory and Short Lead Times

Whether you are looking for silica, calcium carbonate or limestone, sodium carbonate or silver nitrate, we can get it to you quickly. Our prices are very competitive, and our national and international supply chain allows us to offer you tailor made bundle packages.

Superior Customer Service 

We believe in building a relationship with our customers that they can depend on for years to come and offer customized services that cater to your company's needs. Choosing Rock Chemicals, Inc. as your distributor is an investment you won’t regret. Our response rates are often within the same business day, our products are cost effective and qualitative and our customer service is personalized to meet your needs.

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Most Common Chemicals:

  • Silicon Dioxide (Sio 2)
  • Silica
  • Calcium Carbonate / Limestone
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Silver Nitrate

Available in bags, drums, supersacks, bulk.