About Us

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Our History

Rock Chemicals, Inc. was founded on the basis for being a semi-bulk to bulk chemical distributor both nationally and internationally. With decades of combined chemical experience, we strive to be a company you can depend on for all of your chemical needs. And, with the growing and highly competitive chemical markets, our commitment to keeping our prices low over the years have helped our customers to be more profitable. Our product solutions help to optimize your production operations and your ability to meet deadlines.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred chemical distribution company for all customers in every industry with a reputation for quality, reliability, affordability, and a company you can trust. We are committed to making sure we bring value to our customers by understanding their goals and objectives and being the bridge to the solutions.

Our Mission

Rock Chemicals Inc. is dedicated to providing excellent service in the chemical distribution industry while being environmentally conscious and responsible. Since the success of our company depends on our customers’ satisfaction, we are 100% committed to ensuring we bring value to our customers.

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We offer the best products for your applications and make sure they meet your quality requirements. We are committed to providing you with superior products when you need them.

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We always make ourselves available to our customers so you can get answers when you need them in order to plan accordingly. We pride ourselves on our efforts to always putting our customers first.

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We strive to offer competitive pricing so our customers can maximize profits and remain competitive within their own industries.

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We help our customers plan strategically so their production processes do not run behind schedule.